Thursday, May 26, 2011

Medical Marketers Make the Most of Small Windows

Curious about the best way to handle the complicated framework of marketing periods for health plans? As it turns out, Windsor Health Group came up with an intriguing loophole. This DMNews article does a great job of spelling out the details, but the whole process can be summed up in a few steps.

Windsor began their strategy by sending out copies of the most recent SSA Medicare guide to 200,000 of their best prospects:
"We wanted to make sure that everyone was aware of new regulations," says John Sowell, VP of marketing at Windsor Health Plan, Inc. "Because there were many changes with Medicare, the election period and new published social security guide, we wanted to make sure all eligibles in our service area were fully aware of the changes that were coming their way."
This allowed Windsor to make initial contact with prospects without violating compliance regulations that prevent benefit-oriented marketing before October 1.

Once that deadline arrived, Windsor sent out 400,000 packages detailing their Medicare Advantage health plan. Half went to the previously-contacted high level prospects, and half went to the second tier of potentials. This plan garnered a 1.64% response rate, and 20,000 direct mail leads. Continuing competition in the health care industry will likely provoke more creative techniques, but Windsor should be commended for taking advantage of every possible edge they had.

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