Friday, June 15, 2012

What Makes ActiveVu a Valuable Product?

Merrill Corporation’s ActiveVu hosts a long list of features that add efficiency and accessibility to your documents. We’ve already mentioned the software’s integration with the MerrillConnect platform, but there is even more that ActiveVu has to offer.

ActiveVu is 100% web-based.

There are obvious profit advantages to relying on digital distribution. You lower print cost, and you avoid the environmental effects of large volume print communication. However, in the past, digital distribution has been somewhat unfriendly to less technical users. That’s where ActiveVu is different.

Unlike traditional PDF files, your members will never need to download additional software to view ActiveVu documents. They can pull documents up directly in their browsers, on home computers, tablets, and smart phones. Even better, ActiveVu is browser-agnostic, meaning it functions equally in HTML 5 and Flash, so both Apple and PC users can access data without needing to switch browsers.

ActiveVu uses rich media that users can share.

Explaining the complexities of health plans through printed documents can be difficult, if not impossible. ActiveVu allows you to take digital documentation to the next level, adding video, audio, animations, and imagery to any document. More complex files can also include bookmarking, keyboard search, and interactive TOC.

This rich media can help you create communications that your members will want to share, and through ActiveVu’s built-in dissemination tools, they can. Members can share ActiveVu documents through email, or even directly through social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Merrill Corporation is re-defining member communication, and you can be one of the early adopters in this new field of digital distribution. Click the links below to find out how.



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