Thursday, March 15, 2012

Physicians In No Hurry for IT Improvements

Over the past few months, we’ve come across multiple reports describing just how slow health care physicians seem to be when it comes to IT upgrades.

A recent study by the DeloitteCenter for Health Solutions found that 20% of doctors provide online scheduling and test results for their patients and just 6% are using social media to communicate with them.

The report validates the fact that there are two views on the issue:
  1. Some physicians (but not the majority) are accepting the value of and adapting information technology to improve quality and patient experience.
  2. A large number of physicians are stalled by the costs associated with IT improvements and the potential for change to disrupt their daily practice.
Deloitte’s Greenspun says he believes “physicians will more readily adopt IT over the next two years as pressures mount to demonstrate value around evidence-based care, improved outcomes and reduced complications.”

How do you feel about the slow integration of IT upgrades? Wouldn’t the inconvenience of improving IT be offset by the increased quality and communication that patients would receive? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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