Friday, February 18, 2011

Clarity of Health Reform

The debate rages on regarding health reform and the focus has now shifted to the constitutionality of the legislation. A Virginia judge ruled the individual mandate was unconstitutional and a Florida judge ruled the entire legislation was unconstitutional. This has sparked the 26 states included in the fight against the health reform legislation to withhold from implementing the act. 

Such states as Alaska have openly commented they will not enact the legislation but begin developing their own plans for health reform within their state. Gov. Sean Parnell said the state would pursue lawful, market-based solutions of its own. That includes planning for a health insurance exchange, meant to offer a choice of health plans.

This action compelled the White House to quickly respond stating while the Virginia and Florida judge have sited unconstitutionality of the law the law must not be upheld and implementation must continue. 

The main theme cited was the cost savings associated with the Medicare payment reform on 100 million Medicare claims that are processed each month. As the constitutionality of health reform continues to be at the forefront it appears only a ruling by the Supreme Court can conclude the acts fate.

For more information, read the Associated Press article on the topic here and to learn more via webinar, click here.

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