Sunday, October 17, 2010

Translating Healthcare

“, like, is an unprecedented website which provides consumers with the power of information at their fingertips. Individuals, families, and small businesses will be able to easily compare both public and private health coverage options tailored specifically for their needs, said HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. “ will give Latinos across the nation better information about the choices they have, how much they cost, and what they can expect from their doctor--specific to their life situation and local community.”
While the six month anniversary of the Affordable Care Act was celebrated on September 23rd with a conclave of changes, ranging from a ban on insurance companies discriminating against kids with pre-existing conditions to young adults being able to stay on their parent’s health plan, for many, October 1st was the day they had been looking forward to the most.
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, to further their goal of improving the overall member experience, created a Spanish language version of the website, which can be found at (the page officially launched on September 8th, but October 1st was the date that essential cost data was uploaded). is the first website of its kind. Developed entirely in Spanish primarily, its mission is to help even more consumers take control of their healthcare by connecting them to new information and resources that will help them access quality, affordable health care coverage.

This is a necessary step in the goal of creating a healthier country because, according to HHS:
  • One in three Hispanics lacks healthcare coverage.
  • Half of all Hispanics do not have a regular doctor.
  • Hispanics suffer disproportionately from chronic health diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.
  • Hispanic women contract cervical cancer at twice the rate of white women.
Thinking beyond the politics of the healthcare issue, as a technology-enabled services provider for a wide range of industries, we commend the seriousness and accuracy HHS, as well as CMS and the DOIs have shown with translated pieces. The website is just one example, and comes on the heels the new requirement that all communications need to be available to prospects and members in areas in which 10% of the population have the same first language. We believe that these changes and enhancements will aid all the agencies in their goal of improving education and decreasing confusion for more people.

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