Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Real Debate in DC

In the future, we may look back at February 2010 as a key month for healthcare. There is significant news being generated on almost a daily basis, including the potential reorganization of the CMS office and HHS's repot on organizations reporting breaches of healthcare information.

While we will cover these topics in future posts, it is imperative that we address the event in D.C. this week, which will include discussion on healthcare by some the leading experts in the field.

No, not the Bipartisan Summit. I’m referring to the lesser promoted, but more educational, Managed Healthcare Business Forum.

While President Obama and legislators will be holding a televised forum on healthcare reform and how to make it more accessible and affordable to more people, true insight on the healthcare issues will be made at a similar event that is happening in D.C at the same time.

The Managed Healthcare Business Forum will bring individuals from across the country together to learn about best practices from people that live-and-breath the healthcare industry. It will include keynotes from Manitoba Blue Cross CEO Andrew Yorke and Kaiser Permanente Senior Vice President Christopher Ohman; insight into how state governments are dealing with the administration and implementation of healthcare guidelines; and workshops covering automated health information networks and next-generation network contracting.

We recommend you watch the bipartisan debate on the numerous news stations and/or websites that will stream it. There will be information shared that is important, including remarks from the President and party leaders, followed by an “open and moderate discussion on four critical topics: insurance reforms, cost containment, expanding coverage, and the impact health reform legislation will have on deficit reduction.” While these are key policy points that are in need of decisions, they are too broad to matter to the average person, and because of the players and politics involved, it is nearly impossible to get any specific results on any issues that will truly affect the public. To get honest insight on topics that really matter, look into outcomes of the event that will be happening across town.

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